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Be the envy of the entire neighborhood with a perfectly manicured yard by Connecticut Valley Yard Works. Fulfilling all of your individual yard work needs, our experienced team can help take the stress out of installing, maintaining, and enjoying your beautiful property.

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Spring Services

Power sweeping edges of driveways and parking areas to remove gravel from the surface of the turf. Adding topsoil where needed and seeding.

Clearing lawn and beds of any remaining leaves, deadfall, and debris that may have resulted from a harsh winter.

Tine rakes the lawn to remove excess thatch and dead grass from winter kill while allowing oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots of the turf to promote quicker green up and an overall healthier turf.

Creating a well defined edge between the landscape beds and the lawn helps create a sharp contrast, making your yard look stunning and well kept.

Applying a layer of fresh mulch to landscape and flower beds gives an eye catching look to any property. We stock a premium dark brown mulch that is all natural and undyed which provides the benefit of the cheapest possible price, but we also have easy access to just about any color and type of mulch to suit your needs.

Summer Services

Offering a full fleet of the best and state of the art equipment, our team always executes a high quality cut in a timely manner to make sure your lawn is always well manicured and maintained.

Our tractor mounted brush hog is an efficient way to keep your fields and banks mowed and brush free, or to reclaim an area that hasn’t been regularly maintained.

As a full service lawn installation company, our experienced team is capable of any new lawn installation or renovation. Whether it be laying sod, hydro seeding, or traditional hand seeding with moisture barrier, we can set up a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Using the newest technology to provide a fast-growing, better looking and healthier lawn, hydro seeding provides excellent erosion control by combining the seed with the fertilizer and an all-natural biodegradable mulch that protects the seed as it grows. This technology provides a brand new lawn at a fraction of the price of sod.

Trimming your shrubs and hedges yearly helps maintain the clean-cut appearance you want.

Providing a variety of excavation work, our team can install drains, clear land and brush, and resurface driveway’s, among others. Job too big for us? We can set you up with a local company capable of handling anything outside our abilities.

Renovating and updating your landscape by planting new trees and shrubs, creating new mulch beds and planting a new lawn can increase the value of your home. Our team uses its experience to bring you a property you’re proud of. Additionally, we work closely with local hardscape professionals to incorporate patios, walkways, stonewalls and more into your new landscaping.

Fall Services

Complete leaf cleanup of your property and beds not only spruces up the appearance of your yard, but also helps keep the turf healthier, resulting in quicker green up next spring.

Cutting back perennial flowers and removing annuals helps the beds maintain a clean clutter free look throughout the winter months and aids in healthier plants year after year.

Protecting landscaping through the winter is vital. Our team cuts perennial flowers, trims bushes and hedges and lays a fresh layer of mulch to protect the bulbs and flowers through the winter.

Fall is a great time to change up the look of your yard with new shrubs, flowers, and annual color. The cool temperatures make it easier for the plants to adapt to their new environment and limit the need for frequent watering.

Winter Services

Offering a strong fleet of state-of-the-art models and backup equipment readily available, our team is dedicated to providing quality service in a timely manner. With an array of equipment for every type of plowing, you will receive the best service for your specific needs. We work around the clock to make sure your home or business is kept safe and clear when you need it.

Contact us 24 hours a day for emergency snow plowing.

Removing snow can be vital during busy winters. Whether you have a commercial parking lot or a small driveway, let us use our equipment to remove the snow so you maintain full use of you parking and travel areas.

From zero-tolerance ice control to on-call sanding, we can help keep you safe and your surfaces clear of ice. With multiple crews working 24 hours a day, you can be sure we will always be available to keep your driveway accessible or your business up and running.

Shoveling and snow blowing is completed at the same time as plowing to ensure timeliness and convenience.

Maintain a safe environment by allowing a professional to remove the snow buildup on your roof. Our large crews with years of experience can clear your roof professionally and safely, taking care not to damage the structure.

The Team

Always hiring local professionals, our team is actively involved in the local community, including the fire department, EMS and much more. By hiring employees with years of professional experience in the landscaping and yard industry, we’re able to train and prepare new employees eager to learn the trade to become team leaders and promote growth within the company.

Email us at info@cvyardwork.com or contact us for more information about Connecticut Valley Yard Work careers.

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